Graywall Farms - Lebanon, CT

Graywall Farms, operated by Robin Chesmer and his son Lincoln, started business in 1989.

Graywall Farms - Lebanon, CT

Graywall Farms - Lebanon, CTGraywall Farms, operated by Robin Chesmer and his son Lincoln, started business in 1989 when they leased a 185 acre dairy farm and bought farm equipment and 80 cows. Robin’s son-in-law, David Hevner manages the young stock facility on this family farm.

They purchased the real estate in 1992 after the owner sold the development rights to the State of Connecticut, making the land more affordable. Graywall Farms has grown to include 900 acres of owned land, with 725 acres protected by Connecticut’s farmland preservation program. Significant capital investments have been made in new cattle barns, a milking facility, a feed center, and a manure management system.

Graywall Farms was named the Connecticut Dairy Farm of the Year for the New England Green Pasture Program in 1998. The Chesmers welcome hundreds of visitors to their farm each year. They are dedicated to educating the public about the benefits of farmland preservation.

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The Cushman Family

Lincoln & Robin Chesmer

Lincoln Chesmer is the General Manager of Graywall Farms. Lincoln manages all aspects of the dairy farm operation including the milk herd, growing crops, and managing employees. He majored in Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design, and utilized his architectural skills in planning and designing the building projects that include a new milking center, free stall barns and manure separation & storage facilities. He and his wife have three children.

Acting as the managing member of The Farmer’s Cow, LLC, Robin brings a diverse background to the job. He operates a popular retail business, The Hoot, with his wife Kathy and daughter Lisa, and has also worked in marketing and construction. He studied Business Administration at The University of Connecticut, but owning a farm has always been a life-long dream.

Lincoln and Robin were both founding members of Very Alive.