Download our color sheet!
Download our coloring sheet!

You can make fun projects with
our used cartons!

Make use of cartons for fun stuff!

Egg cartons, tempera paint & pipe
cleaners make a caterpillar!

Easy Bird Feeder

Attract feathered friends with
this easy bird feeder! You just
need string, a stick, scissors
and an empty milk carton.

Just for Kids!

Facts about cows and dairy farms

That's a lot of water!
A milking cow drinks enough water in a day to almost fill a bathtub!

Fine furry critters!
Deer, fox, rabbits, otter, ducks, birds, bobcat, hawks and even an occasional bear also live in the fields, ponds and woods of our farms.

Now that's heavy!
A grown cow weighs 1500-2000 pounds, that’s about ten grown men!
  Cows do eat alot.
Some people say when
cows lie down it will
rain. Actually cows lie
down to digest their
food and they spend
almost a third of their
life digesting.

Just one!
Many people think cows have 4 stomachs. They actually have one stomach with 4 compartments.

Cows have pierced ears!
Cows have pierced ears!
They wear ear tags so
that the farmers know
their names.
  Connecticut corn feeds our cows!
Most of the corn fields that you see around Connecticut are planted just to feed dairy cows.

Our average cow produces over 100 glasses of milk a day.

It would be tough to eat pizzza without any front teeth!
Cows do not have top front teeth! They have a tough pad of skin instead, specially designed for chewing cud. They do have 32 teeth on the bottom.

Make Your Own Butter!
Make Your Own Butter!All you need is a pint of heavy cream in a jar with a tight lid, and few friends to share the work. Shake the jar for 10 minutes and you will have rich, delicious homemade butter!

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