Farmland Preservation

Connecticut Farmland is being lost.
Of the total 3.5 million acres in Connecticut, only about 7% is actively farmed. Even on working farms, only about six out of every ten acres of land is suitable for growing crops. The balance is typically wetlands, forested, or too steep.
All dirt is not created equal. Only about 28% of Connecticut’s land is considered “prime and important” agricultural land—best suited for growing food and feed. Much of our flat, rich prime farmland has been developed into office parks and housing lots: “the last crop.”

Sourcing local, fresh food is important.
Connecticut shouldn’t rely solely on food coming from across the country and across the ocean. Farmers need access to good soils and farmland to grow crops and produce local foods we all enjoy. Preserving farmland assures the land is available for producing food for generations to come.

Agriculture feeds our economy.
Connecticut’s economy benefits, too, with more than 20,000 jobs related to our agricultural sector, and growing.

Open space enhances our quality of life.
We all enjoy the scenic vistas Connecticut is known for, plus farmland provides habitat for many species of wildlife. That’s a bonus we all receive for supporting our heritage of local agriculture— our farms and farmland.

Stewards of the land.
Our farmers know first-hand what an impact affordable and available land has on our family farms. The Farmer’s Cow members have collectively preserved more than 3,000 acres of active farmland through the Connecticut Farmland Preservation Program. Access to this land has benefited all of our farms with critical crop land—our cows can “eat local,” too. And we’re dedicated to helping more local farm families benefit from accessible land.

The Farmer’s Cow Farmland Crunch Ice Cream

For every pint of The Farmer’s Cow Farmland Crunch Ice Cream sold, The Farmer’s Cow will donate toward farmland preservation and the Connecticut Farmland Trust.

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See beautiful aerial photos of farming landscapes.

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