Dear Farmer’s Cow,
We love your milk. Every day we get up and have cereal with your milk and my two-year-old loves staring at the carton and talking about the pictures of the cows on the carton. The fact that your local makes it all that much better!
– Love Holly and Tara from Uncasville

I was happy to find My Farmer’s Cow whole milk at the Super Saver IGA market in Winsted!!!!!
– Betty

Just had to write and tell you how Delish your Brown Eggs are!!! We enjoy making breakfast at home every weekend. Your brown eggs picked out in the supermarket by my husband last week were the best egg I have ever tasted!!! You people are selling the best quality product I have ever eaten. My Husband two sons and me can’t stop telling everyone how great your eggs are!!! Thanks to you all and Happy New Year!!!!
– Sincerely Charlotte / Middletown NJ 07748

I recently purchased your Farmers Cow/ Farmers Daughter’s mixed together Tea and Lemonade from Stop and Shop in West Haven, CT. I also have purchased your milk and lemonade as I believe in supporting local. Just wanted to let you know they were delicious, we especially loved the tea and lemonade idea. We just finished one half gallon and I am going out to buy another one. The milk and lemonade are also delicious. Keep up the good work.
 – A satisfied and happy customer.

I don’t know who roasts your coffee, but the dark roast Up Early Coffee is absolutely delicious! I live in Watertown, and, unfortunately, I have to drive to the Stop and Shop in Southbury to get it. I wish they would sell it at LaBonne’s or the Stop and Shop here in Watertown. Anyway, thank you for another great product. Now I’m waiting for butter.
 – Judith

Thank you again for all of the delicious treats. We were able to sample your products after our walk and they were a huge hit, especially the ice cream sandwiches…
 – Mrs. Green’s Natural Market

I just wanted to let you know that while shopping in Stop & Shop Saturday in Glastonbury I was given a sample of your Coffee Ice Cream. Hmm what can I say but, FABULOUS! I was very impressed. You captured the essence of what New England Coffee Ice Cream should be! The smooth texture along with engaging coffee flavor sent my mouth into pre-summer bliss! I’m looking forward to trying other flavors and supporting local Connecticut Farmers. I’ll be spreading the word! Thank you.
 – Jill

Thanks for producing the best tasting, yellowest yolked eggs in I’ve had in years. Whatever you’re feeding the hens is working. I trust your other products are equally wonderful and hope I’ll be able to find more of them in Brooklyn, NY.

The other brands are pale and tasteless by comparison.
– Marion

My daughter Anna and I want to thank you for a fun time on your farm yesterday! We learned a lot and you and your family were very gracious to us and all of your guests. We thank you again.
 – Lauren & Anna / Meriden, CT

Hello Farmers Cow,
I was in Stop & Shop today and picked up pint of the chocolate ice cream. I certainly enjoyed it very much.I even put a few banana slices on top. You certainly make a wonderful product. I am happy to buy local!
– Steve /  New Haven, CT

Hello ~ I just love your ice cream – Have tried the mint chip and peanut butter – Both were so do delicious! Are you planing to offer more flavors?
– Mary Ann

Just want to say I’ve just tried your ice cream for the first time this week, and it just has to be the BEST ice cream I’ve ever had! Thanks for making such a great product. I’m sold!
– Jane / Hebron, CT

I recently attended the Graywall Farm tour with my son. He completely fell in the love with cows, so much so that I am planning on giving him a cow-themed 2nd birthday party this summer. I was wondering if it is possible to purchase the small, individual-sized milk containers that were given away at the snack booth. I thought this would make a fun beverage for the kids at the party. Please let me know if any local stores carry that size or if I can purchase them directly through one of the farms.

Many thanks! And, thanks for the WONDERFUL event at Graywall! We had a fabulous time!
– Heather

Dear Farmer’s Cow folks,
I bought some of your half & half last night at our local Whole Foods. I’m using it in a recipe for creme cheese. I’m a budding cheese maker, and so I have a brand new understanding of milk and other dairy products. I wanted to write to thank you for selling pasteurized half & half that is not ultra-pasteurized. I was surprised to discover some on the Whole Foods shelves that other fancy, organic, and trendy milk products were ultra-pasteurized. My cheese books suggest that using the ultra-pasteurizing process basically ruins all the good of the organic and other efforts. At any rate, I really appreciate that your products do not do that, and I will certainly use more of them in whatever cheeses I learn to make.

Again, thanks so much for the creams and half & half that isn’t ultra-pasteurized. I’ll use that from now on, not only in cheeses, but also in other recipes I make that use cream products.
 – Terry

Hello there!
I am eating Heffer Nutter for the first time. I just wanted to tell you, I love it! I really like your vanilla too. Way to go! I love eating local foods and this is a great treat!
– Tina

I am a regular shopper at Stop & Shop in Wallingford and have been buying your products ever since seeing them on the shelves… I would also like to mention that if I’m going to indulge in ice cream calories then I want only the best ice cream. As such, I would only buy Häagen-Dazs in the past, but since your ice cream started showing up in the freezer I buy only yours. It is delicious and doesn’t contain all the garbage ingredients found in so many other brands. I know I am not alone in putting high value on purer products. Vanilla and coffee are the two flavors I stick to so you offer everything I need.

The quality of your products and commitment to not use artificial growth hormones is why I support your cooperative…
– Gary

Thank you for such wonderful products. We try to buy local or made in the USA. Your ice cream is just superb!!! It tastes like real ice cream should taste.
– C&E Larkin

I’ve been purchasing Farmer’s Cow eggs and milk for a while now, and saw your ice cream in the supermarket today. I got some mint chip and I’m compelled to tell you: It is spectacular.
…and that’s really all I wanted to say! Keep up the good work.
– Jordan

Hi to everyone at The Farmer’s Cow,
I just wanted to express how pleased I am with your eggs. I used to buy Eggland’s Best, but took a chance on your product during a store (Geissler’s) promotion. Your eggs are far superior! The yolk is a golden, rich yellow, the yolk sits high atop the white (a sign of freshness), and the taste is wonderful. Your eggs are now the only eggs I’ll buy for my family. They cost more, but I feel it is worth it to obtain a fresh, quality product.

I am currently a fan of Hood milk, but may give your milk products a try when/if they go on a store promotion as well. Thank you.
– Susan

Today was the first time I visited your farm for your open house. I got an alert on Facebook this morning. Thank you for all your hard work and welcoming everyone to your farm. Although it was cold today I enjoyed my visit.

I am a consumer of Farmer’s Cow products and I am thankful that all of you farmers came together!! I love farms, cows, hay fields, rolling hills, farmers………EVERYTHING ABOUT FARMING!! Thanks again for your hospitality and doing what you do!!!
– JudiAnn / So. Killingly, CT